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Do you want to enjoy the comfort of practicing yoga from your own living room? But with guidance and a dose of accountability and motivation? So you can become strong and fit, feeling comfortable and alive in your own skin. In these classes you learn in-depth alignment of asanas, correct breathing patterns, and body-breath coordination. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced practitioner, I offer different sessions suited for each level.


In the beginner batch, you learn to coordinate your body with your breath. This is the fundamental basis of yoga and requires practise and mindfulness. We focus on the basics while strengthening our bodies. This will lay the foundation and prepare your body for more advanced asanas. As the month progresses we will start introducing new and more challenging postures (asanas).

In the intermediate batch, we develop more strength and mobility. We will work on the coordination of breath and body in more challenging postures. During the practise there is time to play and discover the connections of different asanas.

In these classes, we work on different breathing techniques. These techniques are essential if you want to progress further in your asana practise and Yoga journey. Different techniques are taught and practised, such as sectional breathing, kapalbhati and nadi shuddi. This practise offers excellent preparation for meditation.

The beginner classes are for you if...

… you want to start your yoga journey with solid basic techniques and alignment

… You have health issues and would like to consistently work on

… you want to experience the peace of mind that comes when mind, body, and breath are balanced

The intermediate classes are for you if...

… you have practised consistently for a minimum of 6 months

… you want to master the body-breath coordination in more advanced asanas

… you want to further develop your practise and learn more in-depth techniques and alignment

… you want to prepare your body for more advanced asanas by building strength and mobility

The pranayama classes are for you if...

… you want to work with your breath to over come health issues

… you want to start with your own meditation practise and need proper preparation

… you would like to become more connected and aware of your breath

… you would like to use pranayama to deepen your Yoga practise

Practical information

All sessions take place online via Zoom