Yoga course

Do you have mental, emotional, or physical problems which you want to treat by using your own body and breath movements? Do you want to increase your body awareness? Learn to manage your problems with Yogic techniques and get your own personally tailored Yoga routine, so you can continue working on your goals and problems in your self-practise long after this container is closed.

What to expect


This is for you if...

…You want to work towards a specific goal regarding injuries, physical, mental, or emotional obstacles (e.g. gaining more strength, working on fears)

…You want to experience the benefits of consistent practise and working towards your goals

…You want to get an in-depth and correct explanation and introduction to several ancient yogic practices

… You are new to Yoga and want to develop your own practise

Practical information

Sessions can be taken online via Zoom and in-person in Amsterdam-North