Healing trajectory

Do you have bodily, mental, or emotional discomforts but do not know what they signal to you? Do you want to increase your awareness of important events, topics, or relationships in your life? So you can see clearly what is going on and take the necessary steps for healing.

Problems often need sustained care over a longer period of time. This trajectory offers the space to go to the root cause of your problem. It supports and helps you to get clarity, anchor back into your body, and hear what it is saying to you.

Yoga offerings

Do you have mental, emotional, or physical problems which you want to resolve by using your own body and breath movements? So you can become strong and healthy, feeling good in your own skin.

Manage your problems with Yogic techniques by learning your own personally tailored Yoga sequence, so you can continue working on your goals and problems in your self-practise long after this program is closed.

Energetic massage

Are your muscle’s tight? Do you have an injury that doesn’t seem to go away? Or do you simply want to relax and release? Come for a massage and get in touch with your body.

An energetic massage works not only on muscles but due to it’s energetic approach also on all organs and emotions that are stored there. Physical touch releases many positive hormones in our bodies that help regulate our nervous system. It improves circulation, helps us to completely relax and let go.