The art of living

The path of your heart

Do you hear it calling? Your heart? Whispers of a longing for a life to be lived? Are you granting yourself permission to feel what it is that you really want in this life? Not when you are turned around in your coffin, but right here, right now? 

It takes stillness to hear the whispers of your heart, it takes courage to listen, it takes bravery to follow them through even when you have no guarantee where they will lead you. The only thing that is there, is a promise, a promise that when you follow what is buried deep down inside your heart, you will live a full life. Not a life without pain, without heartache or obstacles, but it will be a life worth living.

Trust that transformation is occurring within you, and because of you, also in the world around you

I am dedicated to the path of my heart and my dedication led me here and I believe it is no coincidence that you are here on this page too, reading my words. Are you longing to live the life that whispers in your heart? Have you lost the feeling of aliveness a long time ago? Buried under stress, trauma, and beliefs? Or do you simply need a reminder?

I believe many of us have lost our way to our hearts, mainly living inside our heads, where the ‘should’s’ and ‘must’s’ reside, not because anybody tells us (anymore), but because at some point we started telling it to ourselves. Our bodies protest, they get sick, we get sick. From injuries, ailments, and pains to lethal diseases. To be worked away with some medicine, or symptom intervention. Until they return years later, not softly knocking on our doors, but ravaging all it touches.

Following your heart gives no guarantee that you will not encounter loss, disease, setbacks, and pain, but when you listen closely, you will hear the whispers, the wisdom that makes it worth it, that makes it bearable, that makes you feel alive. 

As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by life, by living and aliveness. I’ve resided years in my head, during my hard-core science years studying Chemistry, Drug Discovery, and eventually a Ph.D. in science communication. Then I bounced back and resided in my heart, discovering energy- work, tantra, Yoga, Reiki, and Human Design. On my path, I’ve gathered ancient practises, and experiences, attempting to integrate head and heart. Connected, not one without the other, but both in one line. 

~ Feet on the ground head in the clouds.

Lisa Sophie Augustijn

Intelligence is of the heart, whereas intellect is of the mind - Richard Rudd


2023-2024 - Basic medical knowledge, healing space, Bussum, Netherlands

2017-2019 – Msc. Drug Discovery and Safety, Vrije Universiteit, EC: 126, GPA: 7.8/10

2012-2016 – Bsc. Bèta- Gamma, Major in Chemistry, University of Amsterdam, EC: 248, GPA: 7.5/10

2015 – Minor Political sciences, international relations, University of Amsterdam

2013 – Foundation year Psychology, University of Amsterdam


2023-2024 Reiki master (in training) healing space, Bussum, Netherlands

2020-2025 – Ashtanga Vinyasa RYT 900+hr, Level 1&2 (level 3 in progress) Indea Yoga teacher, Mysore, India

2021-2023 – Reiki 1&2, Reiki therapist, healing space, Bussum, Netherlands

2022 – Energetic massage beginner & advanced, healing space, Bussum, Netherlands

2020 – Tantric and shamanic arts, Mahara Mckay, Goa, India