Start your own Yoga routine

Do you want to deepen your yoga practise? Which you do not obtain by attending drop-in classes? Or have you never done yoga before and would you like to make a start, but do not know how? Do you have specific injuries or problems you would like to work on? In the yoga intensive I offer the opportunity to practise under my guidance for an extended time (memberships per 3 months, with one trial class + one trial month).

What to expect

The groups contain a maximum of 8 people who commit for 3 months to themselves and the group. In this way you can get to know each other and will there be enough space during the classes to get personal guidance in your process. The yoga intensive starts with an elaborate intake, in which we get clarity on your goals, problems, and patterns. Every month there is a check-in coaching session in which we discuss your progress and obstacles. Yoga is an ancient technique that releases blockages in your body, gives relaxation, and by consistent practise releases what your body still holds. To speed up this process and provide insight into what processes are going on these intensives are combined with coaching sessions, in which there is room for you and your story.

Group process

The intake and coaching sessions provide the basis on which the yoga program of the group is designed. During the classes, we will have time to practise together and have time in which you can completely focus on yourself and practise specific postures (asana’s) and breath exercises (pranayama) that are beneficial for you. Through this personal approach, you learn the correct techniques, learn which asanas are specifically beneficial for you and the goals you want to work towards. The group practice consists of the overlapping themes of the group and basic postures, so we besides having individual attention, also keep growing together.

This setup asks for a commitment to the group and willingness to step into a group where you will be professionally guided in your process, wether you have the goal to get rid of an injury or to connect deeper with your practice, everybody is welcome.

This is for you if...

…You want to treat your problems by making use of your own body movements and breath.

…You want to deepen your own yoga practice

…You want to commit to learning for an extended time from one teacher

…You want to be part of a small intimate group who together work towards their goals

Practical information

Every Monday & Thursday, 19:30-21:00 @healingpeople, Amsterdam-North