It's you, you have the keys

Ultimately I believe that we, ourselves hold the keys and solutions to our own problems, but often they need help coming out. It is my aim to not only help you find these answers but also guide you on how to find these answers in the future, so you do not become dependent on me, but on yourself. I do this by teaching several Yogic practises and guiding people in my practice using, Reiki, energetic massage, trauma release hypnosis, Yoga, and coaching. All this needs from you, is 100% dedication to yourself and a willingness to look at whatever life presents for you in this moment.


“Then you won’t need any solution. You will know how to go within, and find your own wisdom. This is what the greatest teachings and teachers offer – a system that will show you how to find the answers yourself so that the problem can be dealt with at its roots.”

-Richard Rudd

Coaching & Bodywork

In my trajectories, we dive deep into your questions by combining both coaching and bodywork. I believe talking and therapy are important tools, but often the body holds on to so much more. When the talking is done and the mind has gotten insight, the body can still feel threatened and be triggered in various situations. This also holds the other way around, sometimes there are no physical indications anymore which can explain certain pain or discomfort, yet the pain is still there.

Due to my own experiences with healing my body and how these aspects relate to my thoughts and patterns in my life, I am drawn to streams of thinking in which the body is seen as intricately connected to our emotions and thoughts and not as something separate, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and eastern element teachings. Solutions or ways to cope with and manage certain problems or discomforts can sometimes be found either on the mental level or bodily level, but often includes both. I therefore always combine both coaching and bodywork.

A session

The coaching presents a starting point, asking out everything surrounding your physical, emotional, or mental problems or question. This is a space where difficult questions are asked, with love. Where we dive into the places that might feel uncomfortable, but often proof necessary to uncover what the problem really is about. This part of our session can give understanding and insights for the mind. It provides the underlying information after which work can be done with and on the body. The great thing about bodywork is that no talking is needed, your body does the talking and afterward you can feel the effects of such a treatment in various areas of your life.

My anchors
  • I always combine both coaching and bodywork: not only insights for the mind, but anchoring and integrating the wisdom and insights into the body
  • I am here to guide you to your own answers and insights. Offering you insights, tools and processes that will show you how to find your own answers. All this demands from you is a 100% dedication to yourself and whatever life asks of you in this moment.

Discovery call

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