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Do you have bodily, mental, or emotional discomforts but do not know what they are signaling to you? Do you want to increase your awareness of important events, topics, or relationships in your life? So you can see clearly what is going on and take the necessary steps for healing. Problems often do not have a quick fix or a magical solution that falls out of the air but need sustained care over a longer period of time. In this trajectory there is space and time to dive deeper into your help-request and uncover the personal story that lies behind your ailments. No injury, health problem, or other issue has a one size fits all solution, as the root cause of each of these can be different depending on the person. This trajectory, is therefore designed to uncover the meaning and story that lays behind it all, that is unique to you. Based on the intake I make a tailor-made program that leaves room to adjust to what is needed in the moment. We trace the changes over time. Each session we have a check-in and coaching session based on the elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Based on what is needed several healing modalities, such as Reiki, energetic massage, trauma release hypnosis, and guided journeys, can be used. Prepare to dive deep and go to the root of your problems. These sessions help you to anchor back into your body and hear what it is saying to you. It helps stuck energy flow again and increases awareness around the topic of treatment. It that can support and help you get clarity, and always gives exactly what you need in this moment.

A session

A session starts with a chat and a cup of tea in which your main question or problem of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual origin is explored. Based on this chat and an energetic scan, I make a personally fine-tuned treatment sequence. The main portion of the time you will be laying on the table receiving the healing. I make use of Reiki, massage, acupressure, chakra balancing, and trauma release where needed. The techniques and ways of approaching the body works mainly on the energy, which in turn can have profound effects on how your body feels. Afterward, there is some time to land, and have another cup of tea.

Examples of treated conditions

Burn-out recovery
Anxiety, Depression
Knee, shoulder and hip problems 
Cardiovascular diseases

Supported in

Break-ups, Divorce 
Emotional Wellness
Recovery of Chemo
Stress management
Trauma release

This is for you if...

…You want to get rid of specific problems (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual)

…You want to increase your awareness around a certain topic, problem, or relationship in your life

…You are dedicated to solving your problems and are willing to face uncomfortable or hidden aspects

…You are having vague symptoms that do not disappear with traditional health services

…You are going through a difficult time and want to anchor in your body and get the support you need

Practical information

All sessions take place in Amsterdam-North

* Booking a single session? If you afterward, decide to go for a trajectory this amount will be deducted from the total package price.

Thank you for your courage

See you soon, Lisa