Healing trajectory

Do you have bodily, mental, or emotional discomforts but do not know what they signal to you? Do you want to increase your awareness of important events, topics, or relationships in your life? So you can see clearly what is going on and take the necessary steps for healing.

Problems often need sustained care over a longer period of time. This trajectory offers the space to go to the root cause of your problem. It supports and helps you to get clarity, anchor back into your body, and hear what it is saying to you.

Yoga offerings

Do you have mental, emotional, or physical problems which you want to resolve by using your own body and breath movements? So you can become strong and healthy, feeling good in your own skin.

Manage your problems with Yogic techniques by learning your own personally tailored Yoga sequence, so you can continue working on your goals and problems in your self-practise long after this program is closed.

Women's circles

Upcoming dates:
Friday 26th of May 19:30-21:30
Theme: ‘Meeting in the middle’

Are you looking for connection? A place where you can share what is on your heart, be carried, and soften in the presence of women? So we can support each other and lift each other up.

Join the women’s circles in Amsterdam-North. Each circle has its own theme and always leaves room to work with what is most alive within the group.

Human Design

During our lives we get lost, many times, we take roads that lead us astray from who we really are. Lessons are learned, experiences experienced, all to discover what fits us and what doesn’t. 

Human Design can help you in that process. Not to put you in a box, but to find clarity, to take what resonates and find confirmation of who you know you are deep down inside. Providing radical permission to be uniquely you, unlocking your individual aliveness.