The blueprint guiding you back to yourself

What if every human came to this earth with a specific manual? A blueprint, which tells you your unique gifts, talents, and energetic mechanics. Do you want to discover what is in your blueprint? And receive guidance on topics of your choice? So you can start living the life that is uniquely meant for you.

During our lives we get lost, many times, we take roads that lead us astray from who we really are. Lessons are learned, experiences experienced, all to discover what fits us and what doesn’t. Human Design can help you in that process. Not to put you in a box, but to find clarity, to take what resonates and find confirmation of who you know you are deep down inside. Providing radical permission to be uniquely you, unlocking your individual aliveness.

Ready to get Projectored?

Human Design can be an overwhelming complicated system when encountered for the first time. As a true Projector I have spent years diving into the transmissions of Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design. And by starting my own experiment and continuing to deepen the embodiment of my design, I have gathered much knowledge and energetic experience of the Human Design system. By combining this experience and my ability as a 6/2 splenic projector to look deep into the aura of the other, I now offer Human Design based energetic guidance. Whether you would like to get more basic knowledge on your design and how you can really start living this, or guidance on a specific topic or theme that is currently present in your life, you are at the right place.


A session

A basic human design guidance session starts with your help request or the theme you would like to discover through the lens of Human Design. Based on this request we can dive into energy type, strategy & authority, centers, channels and gates, incarnation cross, and profile. Human design is a system with a lot of information, which can be overwhelming in the beginning and confuse the mind. Human design is not intended as a mind-trip, but as a tool to experiment with, so you can start feeling for yourself what works best and what does not. Therefore I avoid giving too much information in the first session, but give a more intuitive reading suited to what is needed at this point in your life, and how you can start integrating and experimenting with this information. Regardless, sessions will contain much information and therefore recordings are always available. You can also choose the option to in addition to the recording receive a written report so you can read back everything at your own pace after the session.

New to Human Design?

 a small introduction
Human Design is a system that was channeled in Ibiza by Ra Uru Hu, the funder of Human Design. It is a system that combines the Hindu Brahmin chakra system, The Kabbalah – the tree of life, the I’Ching, and Western astrology. Based on your birthdate your bodygraph that is unique to you is generated and contains a wealth of knowledge on how your energetic blueprint operates best in this world.  

This is for you if...

… You are curious to learn more about your design, and specifically how you can integrate this knowledge into your life

… You have specific questions you would like guidance on from a HD perspective

Practical information

All sessions take place either live in Amsterdam-North or online live on Zoom